LSD CABLES cat5e UTP cable solid - How to choose good quality LAN cable

How to choose Lan cable of good quality

     Poor quality network cables consume some of the network speed due to poor transmission performance, and the consumption of the network speed is greater with the use of time!

The following points:

  1. The conductor (copper core) is made of oxygen-free copper, while the inferior cable will be added with zinc, iron, aluminum or other inexpensive alloys to reduce the cost, but the resistance of the cable itself increases, and the quality and performance also decrease.
  1. The eight conductors of the network cable are twisted in pairs, and the pairs of twisted wires are closely spaced and the lay lengths are different. The lay length is the tightness of each pair of pairs, and the tight and precise control of the lay length can effectively cancel the signal crosstalk between the pairs; at the same time, it can better resist external electromagnetic interference and ensure the stability of signal transmission.
  1. the outer sheath material should be flexible and flame retardant, choose PVC or LSZH material, easy to bend and not easy to break, and easy to route.
  2. the appearance of the visible and evenly threaded, the outer sheath due to the addition of flame retardant insulation and other materials are more flexible and full of feel.LSDCABLES1 - How to choose good quality LAN cable

The outer sheath layer of the blue inferior mesh cable is made of recycled material or recycled material, which is easy to break, has a loose appearance and cannot be seen in a thread shape.LSDCABLES2 - How to choose good quality LAN cable

  1. Observe the twisted pair. The good network cable twisting is basically a regular thread shape; the wire pairs of the inferior mesh wire are wound according to the same lay length, even without stranding.
  1. The oxygen-free copper conductor is uniform in gold color, while the obvious white spots or black are mixed with other alloys.